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What's Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of transferring sublimation ink are digitally printed onto specialist paper and then transferred onto a polyester-based material. The process involves using pressurized 400 degree heat to the ink on the transfer paper then permanently fuses the dye into the fibers material. The need product is a high resolution, color rich fabric retains its feel and breath-ability. Making it effect permanent and therefore unaffected by washing and ironing.

Advantages of choosing dye sublimation

1. It's available on garments from a large range of different items, including promotional polo shirt, tees, hoodies and all sports uniforms, such as rugby, basketball, soccer, AFL, netball and hockey etc.

2. The design possibilities are limited, you can customize your team name, colors and numbers on sport uniforms.

3. Images are permanent and don't fade or peel off and colors can be clear, beautiful.

4. A dye sublimated uniform can be more cost effective than traditional twill design process, allowing teams and clubs to save money.

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